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Florida No Fault Law

Vehicles owners in Florida must carry a minimum of $10,000 in PIP coverage, otherwise known as Personal Injury Protection. In addition to that, they must also carry $10,000 in PDL, which is also known as Property Damage Liability. Why is this you ask? It is the law in the Sunshine state. If you are worried about getting in contact with the DMV, you shouldn't be. Most agencies let the DHSMV know when a policy having PIP is canceled.

Florida PIP Rules

If the insurance company has notified the Florida DMV that you canceled your policy and as long as you have another active policy in place (or soon to be) you are fine. If you do not have a new policy to take the old one's place, you will be sent a letter from the DMV asking for information about your new coverage.

If you are late in providing proof (before the suspension date) you will be required to pay a $150 reinstatement fee for a 1st time offense. Likewise for a 2nd offense, it is $250 and again with $500 for any future offense. On top of that, you wouldn't want this on your history. Pay early and keep up to date with your finances.

It really does pay off. If you do get suspended, it will affect your registration, license, and tag, so bear that in mind. On the other side of things, if you no longer wish to pay insurance, simply surrender your Florida tags and registration to the office.

One of the blessings in shopping online for auto insurance, is that you choose to have as much (or as little) interaction with an agency as you please. If you want to call a company, the phone number will be listed on their website. If not, that is fine too.

Millions of people do their research every day on the internet, especially for insurance shopping. You should be no different. Make sure you know what you are buying, before you sign on the dotted line. Using a free insurance quote comparison tool, will allow you to see what companies would charge you, based on the information you provide.

When getting your free quotes over the internet, be sure and have a few things "at the ready". You will most likely need your driver's license information, some personal information, and the type of vehicles you drive or own. Getting a good deal on your premiums isn't hard, it just requires a bit of comparison shopping.

Unless you specifically need to update or change your policy provider right away, it is not recommended that you make any sudden changes. Insurance rates are always changing and it would do you some good to take your time and get it right the first time. Once you are "stuck" with a company, it can be a real hassle to change providers.